Upcoming Stock Riddlers

here's a peak at some upcoming stock riddlers that will be for sale: a 9'6" in black and a 9'8" in purple.  call or email if you want to snag one before they hit the shop racks.


Scotty Stopnik

Scotty Stopnik getting 5 on his 9'6" Riddler photo by Mark Choiniere

More from Oz

Tyler goofing off and Ian Chisolm (a.k.a. the 50 Gallon Barrel) in Australia



Skratch- 9'6" 305

here are some shots of the beautiful work Skratch just did on a custom, 9'6" 305




the current quiver is featured in japan's on the board "surfboard quiver special" july 2011 issue.  here's the line-up from left to right:
-7'2" magneato
-10'0" pipeline gun
-9'5" vintage (hansen)
-9'2" baby gun
-10'0" balsa z-chip
-5'7" deuce


Our Friend Damian

Charge of the Light Brigade

we have always been extremely grateful for the opportunity to showcase some of Damian Fulton's amazing work here in our shop over the years.  we have even been lucky enough for him to design original artwork for our clothing.  however his talent comes second to his demeanor; damian is one of the most personable and friendly individuals there is and will always greet you with a smile and hello when you pass him on the sand duking it out in a beach volley game.

as a local artist, damian highlights the urban reality that is our los angeles shorelines and tells the tale of the modern waterman battling against the industrial and environmental elements to achieve whatever pure feeling it is we find in our connection with the ocean.  charge of the light brigade is yet another page in this tale.  it's available for viewing and is for sale at the shop.  painted on four skateboard decks mounted together.  call or email the shop with any questions or for pricing details.  you can see more of damian's work by visiting his site, www.damianfulton.com.


Balsa Z-Chip

here's a cool video shot and edited by Ryan Reid of Tyler charging on his balsa z-chip


Old Glory

grab your independence day trucker hat that we added on to our 4th of july gear this year.  white with black bill/mesh featuring our american flag hex.  available at the shop or on our online store.

"stay stoked"

The Magneato

Tyler's modern interpretation of the transitional board.  the magneato retains some of the entry paddling capabilities of a longboard, while providing greater top to bottom maneuverability and tighter turning.  it fills, if not exceeds, the role of the fish shape within a quiver.  another bonus feature of one of our most unique shapes: the ability to noseride.

this gem just came into the shop and is for sale.  gold decals with signed "stay stoked."   call or email us for pricing details or more info on design characteristics.


Alex Knost

Alex Knost styling on his 9'8" Riddler..... thank again to Eric Vallely for the great photos!


4th of July Shirts

We just received our new 4th of July Shirts! They should be up on our site shortly.... you can call or email us at the shop if you want one!

Sight Sound Trailer

Friday Movie Special! Check out this trailer for Mikey Detemple's video Sight Sound.... There's some nice footage of Scotty Stopnik boosting on his red Riddler


By Jason Baffa

Check out this cool little clip by Jason Baffa

The Surfer's Journal 20.3- Signed Copies Available on Website

"his explorations of traditional designs were all taking place at a time when the majority of 'modern' longboards behaved more like long shortboards.  during the late '80s and early '90s, inspiration was difficult for him to come by... tyler managed to find influences from old magazines and bootlegged films, as well as seeing underground guys like tom wegener, michel junod, and cliff hansen when he showed up to an occasional surf club meet at malibu, san o', cardiff, or oceanside.  being just one of a handful of other young traditional loggers that were considered oddballs, throwbacks, or retro, he got used to inquisitive looks and the simple question: why?  while he admits to a learning period in the beginning that drew directly from the past, he insists that he was more interested in picking up from where those traditional longboard designs had stopped advancing in '67.  for that reason, he takes exception to being labeled 'retro.'

'that word means replicating something for the sake of fashion, or a fad,' [tyler] explains.  'i'm trying to stay true to the clean lines and minimalist aesthetics of riding traditional boards.  at the same time, i'm also trying to advance them in ways that enhance the ride- or make it easier for the rider to surf in a traditional manner.' "- written by Devon Howard, 'The Unbroken Line,' The Surfer's Journal 20.3

you can now order your signed copy online through our website here http://www.tylersurfboards.com/shop/.  however, you are still more than welcome to call or email in your order.

thank you for sharing in this accomplishment


What the boss doesn't know...

we want to get these brand new private reserve stock boards out the door for the weekend.  and with the boss out of town, there's no telling what kind of deal you may be able to talk us into so we can get out and log a little extra riding time too.  you can get a closer look at the wingnose and 777 below.  you never know what you can get if you don't ask.  call or email the shop.


Going Long Distance

Hydrophilia June 4th at the Hydrophilic Store in Torquay, Australia.  good friend and head shaper, Ian Chisholm, and the Hydrophilic crew will be hosting Tyler down in Australia during the next week.  we'll be staying updated on the aussie excursion.  tune into the Hydrophilic blog as well to see the line up of Tyler boards they have in stock http://hydrophilicboardstore.tumblr.com/.  cheers and beers


Green Light on the Open House Special

The Open House Special Deal- a 9'8" Generation III Private Reserve Wingnose.  gold logos on shamrock green.  the third generation of wingnoses features more relaxed tail rocker and enhanced dome-like contour on the deck.  slight tweaks in the rails have gone into the fine tuning of this model.  if our experienced riders could take one board with them anywhere in the world, the wingnose is the immediate choice.  call or email to find out how special this deal really is.


9'8" Private Reserve 777 currently on the racks.  this model is inspired by a personal longboard built in the late 60s to lend a more neutral, skatey feel to your ride.  give us a call (310 322 6861) or email (tylersurf@earthlink.net) if you'd like to twist the wrapper off this summer treat.