Luis Loyola of Loyola Auto Interiors burning out in his '29 roadster and Tyler pulling out in his '32 coupe. Video by Kiyo.

new Stock

Monday's super stocker- 9'8" Double Deuce with yellow resin panels and glassed on D fin.  Call or email the shop for more details!



New Stock 9'8" Double Deuce

This quintessential pig template is geared towards stylish turning while allowing for control at the nose.  This soon-to-be stocker will feature a glass in D fin and red resin panels.  Call or email the shop for pricing details and info.



Lauren describes the Riddler perfectly in this piece that she wrote:

When You first see it, You think You’re posing the questions
Quizzing The Riddler on what It can do for You

...You’ve got it backwards
The Riddler asks the questions
The Riddler already knows the answer

The answer is You
Without a Rider, there is no function
Without a Rider, there is no Riddle

Bumblebee Magneato

Todd is stoked on his new Magneato!

nice red "stinger"


USED BOARD FOR SALE- Single Fin Yellow and One California Day director, Jason Baffa's personal 9'8" Point model. As seen ridden by the Malloy brothers in One California Day. All dings are repaired and board is water tight. Contact the shop for pricing info and details.


Stock 9'8" Riddler

This stock 9'8" Riddler also just arrived here at the shop! Call or email us if you're interested in it

Stock 9'6" Riddler

The stock 9'6" Riddler has arrived here at the shop! Please call or email us with any questions about it.



Tyler finishing up the gloss coat on the stock 9'6" Riddler....this board and the other stock Riddler will be here at the shop for sale next week

The Original Zeke

Tyler's grandfather (the original Zeke) doing a crazy stunt on his motorcycle in the Los Angeles area back in 1945